TenoMiR Trial Begins In Human Patients

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by Laurie Erickson.


Research abstract and photos of two lead authors from Perelman School of Medicine.

In September of 2020, patients were injected with TenoMiR to begin the first clinical trial of this potential new therapy for tendinopathy. The treatment is exciting because it improves the type I to type III collagen ratio that becomes abnormal in chronic tendon injury and because it has already shown promise in equine trials (horses also suffer from chronic tendon injuries). TenoMiR contains a microRNA called miR-29a that up-regulates type I collagen relative to type III collagen. Dr. Neal Millar of the University of Glasgow and Causeway Therapeutics marked the milestone with tweets on Twitter. Very exciting when a product moves on to the human clinical trial phase after many years of research!

You can follow Dr. Neal Millar on Twitter @TendonGlasglow and follow CausewayTherapeutics @CausewayThera.