Orthocell Trial Of Tenocyte Therapy For Elbow Tendinopathy

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by Laurie Erickson.


Research abstract and photos of two lead authors from Perelman School of Medicine.

Australia-based Orthocell released positive results for a clinical trial of autologous tenocyte therapy for lateral epicondylitis (also known as tennis elbow). The study was published in the December 2013 American Journal of Sports Medicine.

When the treatment becomes available, patients in Australia will be able to go to clinics that work with Orthocell to receive the treatment. The patient would have an initial appointment during which a tendon biopsy would be collected from a healthy tendon and sent to Orthocell for processing. Later, the patient would return for an injection of the tenocyte cells isolated and grown from the biopsy. The treatment is now in the trial stages.

The study concluded, "In this study, patients with chronic LE who had previously undergone an unsuccessful full course of nonoperative treatment showed significantly improved clinical function and structural repair at the origin of the common extensor tendon after ATI. This novel treatment is encouraging for the treatment of tendinopathy and warrants further evaluation."