Researchers Revisit The Role Of Inflammation

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by Laurie Erickson.


Research abstract and photos of two lead authors from Perelman School of Medicine.

Dr. Neal Millar et al. published a study in Oct 2010 that found inflammatory cells in the tendons of patients undergoing rotator cuff repair, comparing those findings to a lack of inflammatory cells found in tendons of patients undergoing surgery but who did not have injured tendons. The study challenged the assumption of the past decade that inflammatory cells could not be found in tendinopathy. Many years later in May 2022, an editorial in the same journal (American Journal of Sports Medicine) recognized this paper as one of the top five papers in the field of Translational Biology in the last 50 years. This recognition indicates the importance of the change in attitude and direction, opening up new lines of tendinopathy investigation and new possibilities for treatment