Orthocell Releases Positive Results Of Crossover Study For OrthoATI™

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by Laurie Erickson.


Research abstract and photos of two lead authors from Perelman School of Medicine.

Australia's Orthocell reported positive results for their autologous cell therapy called OrthoATI™ back in December 2021 at the conclusion of a clinical trial with rotator cuff patients. In that trial, the control group received cortisone injections and did not improve. Most of the control group (9 of 11 patients) chose to continue on to receive OrthoATI™, and this newly released crossover study reports their results, The pain in the 9 crossover patients was almost totally resolved 6 months after the OrthoATI™ treatment and remained low at 12 months after treatment.

Orthocell says that, given the excellent results of both the original trial and the crossover trial, they are well positioned to receive FDA approval for the treatment to be offered in the USA.