After I completed a B.S. and M.S. at Stanford University, I worked as a freelance technical writer for computer companies for several years. I loved technical writing, but I had to give it up because I developed severe chronic tendinosis in both wrists and forearms from long hours of typing.

When I first started having problems with tendinosis, I looked into the research and decided to create this website in 2002 to share what I had learned. I wanted to provide information and publicize the need for funding for scientific research into tendinosis and RSI. In 2002 when I put the site up, I could find almost no mentions of tendinosis anywhere on the web other than in a few research papers. Now there are quite a few mentions of tendinosis and even a wiki entry, so we have made a lot of progress in raising awareness about this injury.

I created the site in hopes people would find it informative and useful, but I am not a doctor and can’t give medical advice. This site is meant to be a summary of research to help you, but you’ll still need to seek medical care.

I gave the site a much-needed new format in Feb 2013, and I added a discussion forum at that time. In fall 2014, I had to restrict membership to the forum to email-approved members because we started having serious spam issues. In April 2015, I updated the site format again to make it responsive to mobile screen sizes.

You can visit the What's New page to see some short updates posted there to alert you to the changes and additions I make to the site. You can also follow the tendinosis.org Facebook page for research updates and links to the latest information posted on the web about tendinosis/tendinopathy.

I receive some emails asking me how I am doing with my wrists today. It took a number of years for my wrists to improve, but at this point I can do much more with my hands in daily life and am pain-free as long as I don’t do certain hand-intensive things (mainly typing). I use a pen tablet for basic internet surfing and have other people help me with typing anything of any length. I can write by hand as long as I don’t do too much at once. The pen tablet is extremely helpful to me as a mouse replacement.

I pay the website hosting and domain fees to keep this site up because I get so many emails from people all over the world saying thank you for the information. From your emails it is clear that we still need better treatment for chronic tendon problems. Researchers are looking into stem cell therapy, growth factors, platelet-rich plasma therapy, various physical therapy soft tissue mobilization techniques, and loading exercise as possible treatments. It will be interesting to see what results come from these studies, and I hope more research grants will be made.

I wish you all the best with your healing and hope we'll have some breakthroughs in research in the near future.


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